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Summer 2020 Update. I have noticed that this article has been getting a huge amount of traffic during the Covid 19 Pandemic. I assume that many of you out there are in the market for a high performance racket without the pricetag. I have now tried the latest Artengo racket from Decathlon. This is the TR9000. Please see below for other models.


Have Artengo done anything differently this time around for the TR9000? Have they moved away from their tried and tested formula. Well for a start they have chosen a nice dark colour scheme with red trim. This is quite unique and distinctive. Other than that on face value this looks like a great model, built strongly with a nice finish.

The TR9000 is a relatively new racket to the range and retails at £59.99. This racket weighs 285g which is mid ground for tennis racket weight. 240g-270g would be classed as lightweight, 275-305g approx mid weight and anything over that would be classed as quite heavy. It is Ideal for intermediate players and moveable enough for even the slightest of players. The 100 sq inch headsize is ample and provides a good sweetspot. It is a responsive racket and is powerful from the baseline.

I played with a dampener with the TR9000 and found that it dampened the vibration just like my regular Head Radical Tennis Racket . Sometimes without a dampener it just doesn’t feel right. I understand the other POV too. Some players cannot stand a dampener. This racket absorbs plenty of the vibrations from big shots and I would say it has a muted feel.

TR860 and TR960Review from 2016

I have been playing with two of their rackets the Artengo TR860 and the TR960 for the past month . I will be the first to admit it but I have never heard of these rackets and can genuinely say I was really impressed with what the team at Decathlon have come up with. Both rackets are finished to a high standard, the paintwork and design are lovely and they certainly did not feel out of place to me on court. The rackets have been designed in conjunction with former ATP Top player and world number 17 Nicolas Escude and it shows.

TR860 Tennis Racket
The TR860 is a solid racket. It is well made, feels lovely in your hand and surprised in so many ways. As you can see in the video I really liked the TR860. It gave me plenty of power when I needed it and had a large sweet spot which was perfect for those shots you don’t hit in the middle of the racket. The string pattern is quite wide so it is pretty easy to generate topspin even without the polyester strings. In every aspect of my game I felt confident with what the TR860 had to offer, volleys and touch shots at the net were nice and the racket felt very responsive when returning an opponents forehand or backhand drive.

All in all the racket is extremely versatile. The racket is head light meaning manoeuvring to get to those awkward shots is less difficult. Power is easy to generate as the frame is quite stiff. I found no loss of control with this racket which is fantastic. I would recommend you take a look at racket, it is a fantastic club players racket offering great performance at a brilliant price.

TR960 Tennis Racket
Of the two rackets the TR960 is definitely the most powerful even though the TR860 was pretty easy to generate power too. The TR960 racket feels a little bulkier in my hand and the weight would back that up as it comes in at 305g unstrung. Generally I enjoy heavier rackets especially as I can generate power and they are more maneuverable however as the weight was in the handle I found it slightly bulky at times. When I needed to play quick succession of volleys at the net I often felt the racket being a little cumbersome through the air but yet sharp when actually hitting the ball.

Base liners will love this racket as it has easy power and a reasonable amount of control too. My serve flew off the racket without having to take a big swing which was a major positive for all those struggling to make an impact on the radar gun.  The gaps between the strings are pretty big meaning I was able to generate good spin on the groundstrokes. The  big sweet spot  means the racket is forgiving on mishits which is great for those of us who do not hit the middle of the strings every time!

Both these rackets have Soft feel technology inbuilt into them meaning both actively dampen the vibration from every shot. Occasionally I would get a sore arm from playing too much but I found the Soft feel technology really working well to dampen that vibration – another huge plus point for both these rackets.

Verdict :  How good are artengo tennis racquets ? If you are in the market for a new racket and want a solid racket with a nice balance of control and maneuverability then certainly these rackets from Decathlon are very much worth a try. I am sure you will be surprised at how well they play.


So who do these rackets appeal to? I guess for anyone in the market for a perfomance racket which doesnt carry the hefty price tag of a mainstream brand name. Every Artengo Racket performs really well. They are comfortable, well built, provide sufficient power and most of all wont cost you the earth.

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