The fourth and final film in the ‘Master Your Dreams’ series, created by Standard Life, follows the path of resilience that Andy Murray, now a triple Grand Slam tennis champion, has taken throughout his professional career. Following a demoralising streak of four Grand slam final losses; the US Open (2008), Australian Open (2010), Australian Open (2011) and Wimbledon (2012), Andy finally won the US Open Grand Slam title in 2012. The video portrays the struggles and strive Andy has faced over the years, the adversity he has had to overcome and his profound resilience throughout, overcoming setbacks and earning the position of World No.2. Every defeat he has encountered, Murray has worked hard to become mentally stronger and physically tougher, showing the commitment required when ‘Mastering Your Dreams’.

This year, Standard Life’s partnership with Tennis World Number 2 Andy Murray tells the story of advancing ambition and commitment to excellence as part of the ‘Master Your Dreams’ campaign. With their exclusive access, Standard Life has created a series of short films focusing on Andy’s ambition, dedication and passion to succeed.

This film is released ahead of the US Open and concludes the ‘Master you Dreams’ Campaign. Subscribe to Standard Life’s YouTube Channel or head to for more films featuring Andy Murray throughout 2016.

Question and Answer with Andy Murray

1. You’ve had an extraordinary year, why do you believe 2016 has been so successful so far?

I’ve been working really hard the past few years in all areas of my game and I guess it’s just a culmination of everything coming together. I’ve got a strong team behind me and obviously having Ivan back on board has been great. I’ve also really focussed my efforts on winning the big events this year; Grand Slams and the Olympics, and while obviously all the other tournaments are important too, I think it’s helped me having that focus right from the start.

2. The top tiers of tennis are really opening up now with a variety of players now contending the finals. Who do you believe is on the path to joining you and Novak at the top of the game and who will you be wary of going into the 2016 US Open?

I think everybody on the Tour was really pleased to see Juan Martin Del Potro back to the top of his game after such a long time out with an injury. He played really well in Rio and I think he’ll continue to challenge the top players. Milos Raonic is obviously one to watch. He had a great grass court season. There are plenty of other talented younger guys around just now as well, so it’s up to them to make the step up.

3. You decided to play Cincinnati straight after what must have been an exhausting Olympics. Was this tournament an important part of your preparations for the 2016 US Open?

Yes I felt like it was important for me to play Cincinnati. Playing an Olympics is a pretty unique experience, so it was good to get back into my normal routine with my full team back on board. Obviously things didn’t go how I would’ve wanted, but I had some good wins along the way and it was a positive week.

4. You defeated former US Open champion Juan Martin Del Potro in the Final in Rio. How impressed have you been with his own comeback from injury and do you believe he can challenge for the slams over the next 12 months?

He is playing amazing tennis. The final was one of the toughest matches I’ve had to play to win a title, for sure. He had a good run of form throughout the Olympics, winning some great matches. He’s certainly hitting balls as well as he ever did and if he continues to gain in confidence, he’ll definitely be challenging for some Slam wins.

6. Talk us through your Olympic experience, from flag bearing at that team photo shoot (that subsequently went viral) to leading the parade at the opening ceremony; what was your highlight?

It was always going to be hard to top London for any of the British athletes, but Rio was an amazing experience. It was a huge honour to be asked to be the flag bearer. I wasn’t expecting it at all. I can remember watching the opening ceremonies at home when I was young so it was a very proud moment for me. I love being part of a team and competing for my country. I feel like it brings out the best in me and retaining my gold is one of my career highlights.

7. Looking ahead to 2017, do you reset your goals? what are your main ambitions?

Not really. I think my goals for 2017 will be pretty similar to this year. Focussing on doing my best, preparing properly, winning each match as it comes.


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