4 reasons to restring in Spring

Tennis has been prohibited for so many of us during lockdown. At the current count I havent hit a ball on a court for nearly 90 days. My rackets have laid in their bag under the stairs all that time. They probably all have a still got all the grime and dirt from the last time I played. Winter tennis can be tough on tennis rackets. Heavy conditions, slippy courts, dirty balls and cool temperatures. The winter player faces every one of these court conditions. As we now can see an end to our lockdown in the Spring it is the ideal time to give your racket a fresh set of strings. Here are 4 reasons why you should restring in Spring.

1.Sure they aint broke, why fix them?

Just because your strings are not broken doesn’t mean they do not need replaced. Look closely at the strings, are they discoloured? Are they stiff?? Are the mains strings digging into the crosses (notching)? A season of use, wet heavy balls and leaves are all bad for strings. You can preserve the lifespan of the strings by cleaning the dirt straight after use. Polyester strings tend to go stiff and brittle over time. If like me you have left your racket then it is likely you have stiff strings. They may look fine but don’t bite just how they did before.

2.Cant afford a new racket? New strings are the next best thing

Although we all love to buy a new racket every season not all of us can afford to shell out on one every season. New strings revitalise a racket and give it and you the little lift it needs. Add a new grip and it does start to feel like a brand new stick. New strings will provide better grip on the ball and of course a nice feel when you make contact with the ball. For the price of £18/20USD you can completely revitalise a tired frame. As a general rule you should string your racket the number of times per week you play. So if you play 3 times a week you restring 3 times.

3. Tension, what tension?

Chances are your strings have lost tension over the winter. If like me you leave you racket in the car boot or the garage, the strings are exposed to extremes in temperature then the tension is bound to be affected. I tend to find the racket becomes quite trampoline like over the winter months especially especially as I knock a few pounds off to cope with the heavier winter balls. A racket will lose around 10% of its tension overnight after being strung. The tool to measure tension loss is very pricey but you can be sure that a racket with strings 3 months old could have lost up to 40% of its original tension.

4. New Season, new strings

Only after time does performance on strings deteriorate. A fresh set of strings always gives a lovely crisp feel to any racket. Remember strings are the only thing that touches the ball and if yours are lifeless stiff and lacking spring then you will not be doing your own game justice. Fresh strings will bite into the ball and give increased spin, power and feel. Restring in spring and you will feel the benefits.

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