10 Reasons why tennis is the number 1 sport

Tennis is our number 1 sport.

With the risk of sounding a tad cheesy and presenting a totally one-sided  arguement, here is the LOVEtennisblogs 10 Reasons why Tennis is our number 1 sport.

1.  Male or female, man or beast 8 years old, 88 years old. There are no restrictions on playing the beautiful game. Kids can play mini tennis from the ages of 4 upwards, we have wheelchair tennis, for the young and fit out there we have singles, for the more advanced in years a leisurely game of doubles fits the bill perfectly. Wether you are a weekend warrior or a tournament pro, there are levels to suit everybody.

2. Tennis is proven to be one of the best sports to improve general fitness.  At all levels players require, speed, balance, coordination, strength, concentration and plenty of stamina. The game involves an awful lot of starting and stopping, and players are always on their toes, moving back and forth. This type of activity is like  interval training, were we work hard for a  prolonged period then rest then work hard again, over 30% more calories are burned engaging in interval training.  Sure tennis gets you fit, but you need to be fit to play tennis!


3. The game requires split second decision making. The top pros regularly hit serves at over 140mph , blink and you literally do miss it. But even at club level doubles, the ball flies through the air during net exchanges require an enormous amount of control under pressure, thought and skill. Tennis is a game played with the mind, not just with a racket and ball, the best players are able to stay cool under pressure and plan two or three shots ahead in a rally.

4. Us tennis fans are currently blessed with some of the most fantastic athletes not just in tennis but worldwide. It goes without saying that to make it to the top in tennis you require huge amounts of dedication and training. Federer is the most elegant and graceful tennis player on the planet, his kryptonite Rafael Nadal is a huge beast, dishing out topspin forehands to allcomers. Nadal and Federer are totally different yet are fantastic athletes for our sport. We are incredibly lucky to have them .Just think of all those overpaid prima donnas in the premiership or those gym bunnies that run at each other on a rugby field. Not only are tennis players talented, skilful, fit, fast but off court they not only promote our sport but draw huge new fans to it.

5. Tennis is a very cheap way of staying fit and active. An entry level racket, tube of balls and pair of old trainers and you are ready to go. Courts hire is very reasonable, and even in the smallest towns in Norn Iron we have 1 or 2 court clubs. Accessibility to a tennis court is pretty good, the only stereotype that tennis needs to buck is the posh middle class one. If we could break the mold, every court in parks, private clubs and leisure centres would be full.

6. It is a year round sport. Most courts are now astro turf/savannah or hard court tarmacadam meaning that there is just no excuse not to play due to the weather. With our climate , tennis players face different and challenging environments. Anybody who has played on or near a coast will know what I am talking about. If you want to beat your arch enemy , arrange a match on courts overlooking the sea, 9 time out of 10 it will be windy and watch them struggle!

7. Whereas the Olympics and World Cup’s come around every four years, tennis fans have the chance too see their favourite players in 4 Majors each year. Sure Wimbledon is the best known of the slams but each grandslam has a unique and attractive character and poses totally different challenges. Its rare to have dominance from one player on all surfaces ( except R Fed) so the big trophies are generally shared out amongst the games elite, making for intriguing viewing.

8. Tennis is an excellent generic sport to introduce children too. Not only does it improve hand eye co-ordination, it helps with balance, movement and change of direction. The International Tennis Federation have developed mini tennis so that kids from 4/5 upwards can learn and enjoy tennis. Kids can learn all the basic skills and strokes on a smaller kidsized court with smaller rackets and softer balls, so that tennis always has a constant flow of new players into our game. Judy Murray has also worked tirelessly with young people to get them involved in the game not only in her native Scotland but throughout the world.

9. Wimbledon. for two weeks every year in June the whole world seems to go crazy for the All England Championships. Its on BBC channels every day from the start of play, online on the app and on the radio. We see kids drawing a tennis court in the street, and making makeshift nets from whatever they can find, so they can play like the pros they see on TV. There is no more important marketing tool to get players into the game than Wimbledon. Our older blog readers will remember, Laver and Budge, the infamous Mc Enroe and Borg era, the Sampras slam, Tim Henman and now of course  Roger. Who can forget the 2008 mens final, with the rain delays, the tiebreakers. The magic moments Murray has created? Tennis has a lot to thank Wimbledon for.

10. And finally a little quote for all players

We Don’t stop playing because we grow OLD…We grow old because we STOP playing

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