10 Fun facts About Tennis that everyone should know!

10 Fun facts About Tennis that everyone should know!

There are so many reasons which make sports great. One of the main reasons is the health benefits one gets from participating in them. Besides the good health that you enjoy when you take part in sports, you also get to have fun. There are so many great sports that you can take part in and tennis is one of them.

Tennis is a great sport because compared to others as it has minimal injuries if at all. It, therefore, qualifies to be called the safe sport. Actually, most tennis injuries are related to overuse, a risk that can be eliminated or minimized with proper regular exercises. The following are some of the fun facts about tennis.

1. Tennis has its origin in Great Britain.

2. Venus and Serena Williams are the first pair of sisters to ever win the Olympic gold in tennis. The Williams have crowned champions in women’s doubles category in 2012 in London. They were playing against Lucie Hradecka and Andrea Hlavackova, a duo from the Czech Republic.

3. Even though Serena Williams, Venus Williams and Madison Keys are known to have some of the strongest serves in tennis, the fastest serve to ever been recorded was by Sabine Lisicki in 2014.

4. Traditionally, female tennis players wore full dresses made of heavy metals while playing in the court during the Wimbledon tournament. Female players had to endure the dresses from the mid-1800s to 1900s as they played their favorite game.

5. Steffi Graf, full name Stefanie aria Graf, was the first and the only tennis player to win a Golden Slam. During her tennis career, Steffi was able to win all four Grand Slams, the French Open, the Australian Open, US Open, and Wimbledon. The player from Germany bagged all these Golden Slams before going to compete at the Olympics in Seoul where she won another gold medal. Definitely, a feat to brag about.

6. Prior to 1972, tennis balls could only be either black or white, depending on the color of the court surface. It was only after research showed that brighter balls were more visible to TV viewers that yellow balls were introduced in 1972. The yellow tennis balls were used at Wimbledon for the first time in 1986.

7. The reason why tennis has been known as the game of love is that they used the ‘love’ sign instead of ‘zero’. In addition, about 24 tons of strawberries are ordered every year at the beginning of the Wimbledon championship. If you add this fact together with the ‘love ‘sign, then tennis is definitely the ‘game of love’.

8. The longest match in history was between John Isner of the US and Nicolas Mahut from France. The match, which lasted for 11 hours, was held in the year 2010 in Wimbledon.

9. Wimbledon is the only stadium where games are played on grass.

10. The first Open was held in 1968.

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