The Top 4 lefties in tennis

The Top 4 lefties in tennis

The best lefties in tennis
When we think about it there have been many excellent left handed tennis players. Those awkward characters who seem to do things the opposite way to everyone else. This article will select the best lefties from the Open Era.

Rocket Rod Laver.
The Rockhampton Rocket accomplished a feat yet to be surpassed in the game of tennis. He won the calendar Grand Slam that is he won the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open in the same year. Not only did Rod do it once in 1962 but he repeated the feat again in 1969. His tally of 8 slams would surely have been more but for the advent of professionalism in which the biggest events were only open to amateur players.

Martina Navratilova.
In a recent appearance in a TV series, Martina was introduced as ‘one of the greatest tennis players ever’ to which she responded quizzically one of the greatest? Martina Navratilova was all rounder, singles, doubles and mixed. Her CV is simply unparalleled and no one comes close to her career grand slam tournament wins. She played competitive mixed at tour level well into her late forties.

Bjorn Borg
Ice cool Bjorn Borg was only in his peak as he hung up his rackets at the age of 26. At that stage he had already notched up 8 slams and back to back French Open and Wimbledon titles. Both Federer and Nadal claim to be fans of the ice cool Swedes game. In his prime he was a sponsors dream, young handsome and polite but most importantly he let his tennis do the talking.

Rafael Nadal
Nadal will turn 31 later on this year. It seems like so long ago that he made his debut as a skinny teenager in baggy pirate pants and sleeveless tops. The King of Clay currently owns 14 grand slams and at least one from the each of the biggies. He helped revolutionise the game with his brand of topspin tennis and his rivalries with Djokovic and Federer will go down as the best ever

Honorable mentions.
There are many left handed players who could have made our list. Boris Becker certainly merited our consideration as too did Petra kvitova, John McEnroe, Goran Ivanisevic and Angelique Kerber

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  1. Bjorn Borg would be a no brainer for the greatest if only he had kept playing! Now I fear Nadal is not only have a better record but will be more famous too 🙁

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