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Dear Belfast Telegraph…

The equal pay argument is always a contentious issue but Kevin Myer’s article in yesterday’s Belfast Telegraph has fuelled the following response which I have emailed to the editor of the newspaper:

Dear Editor,
When flicking through yesterday’s Belfast Telegraph (Friday 3rd February) I was delighted to see a picture of the 2012 Australian Open Champion Victoria Azarenka in your comment section and was looking forward to reading the adjoining article. However, upon reading Kevin Myer’s opinion piece, I was sorely disappointed at the inaccuracy and tone of his argument against equal pay for tennis players. Wimbledon does indeed pay equal prize money for both male and female Champions and have done since the 2007 Championships, bowing to pressure from the three other Grand Slams. 
Whilst everyone may have an opinion on equal pay for both sexes, it must be remembered that whilst the number of sets each gender play at certain events is different, there is certainly no discrepancy in the sacrifice of hours and physical effort exuded on the tennis court and in the gym throughout the year, as well as the numerous press commitments required by today’s tennis players. Comparing two Grand Slam finals is not a justifiable way of putting forward an argument on this matter. The manner in which Victoria Azarenka played on court against Maria Sharapova during last weekends final was a fine display of confident and unyielding tennis, something Roger Federer has been known to do in previous men’s finals of which many were straight set matches.
I was also saddened to read that the mention of ‘women’s knickers’ had to be brought into the argument. May I remind Mr Myers that these ‘girls’ are professional athletes not models on a catwalk and they are every bit as determined as the men to succeed on the tennis court and win Grand Slams, regardless of their length or brevity. 
Yours sincerely,
A Disappointed Tennis Fan
Rebecca McConnell

– You can read Kevin’s article on the below link: