Roger and Ronnie

Rocket Ronnie

Both have been labelled the Greatest of All Time in their respective sports, they are magicians at what they do and put quite simply they are untouchable when on form, they are now are in a somewhat of a slump. LOVEtennis Blog takes a look at these two genius’ and sees that there are more similarities than meets the eye!

 Having dominated the game for years, Ronnie The Rocket O Sullivan slumped out of the World Snooker Championships at the Crucible at the quarter final stage. Roger destroyed Andy Murray to win his 16th Grand slam title in January, since then he has done little right, seemingly cant win 2 games on the bounce, hes is forever framing his groundstrokes. Roger and Ronnie are two of the biggest superstars of the sporting world, with huge sponsorship deals, paparazzi following their every move and so called experts writing them off for loosing a game.

Imagine  the huge pressure on these guys every time they play, pressure to win EVERY match, to notch a 147 break, to play flawless tennis to make the final of every event they play. It must be almost unbearable but ofcourse who could feel sorry for two guys who earn more in a few games than most of us do in our lifetime. Federer and O Sullivan bring in the big  money, the huge crowds and bring a certain quality to the events they play. If either exits a tournament early, the TV figures are hit bigtime, their competitors dont get the same winning feeling if the best player in the world isnt in the field.

Roger Federer now finds himself in a similar situation to Ronnie, both have done all the can do in the game, broken the record books, played outrageous trick shots and won all the majors multiple times. What else is their to do, everybody in their individual fields wants a piece of them for their 5 mins of stardom to say I beat the GOAT. They are now the hunted. So how do Roger and Ronnie maintain their desire and hunger? Maybe their hunger can wane from time to time, but sooner rather than later their bodies will start going downhill, and hunger or not they will be beaten and it will be unlikely to regain the top spot again. Maybe both players are at a similar stage in both their careers, maturity and eventually decline (sniff sniff).


Roger and Ronnie provide the inspiration to so many kids worldwide,  when we ask young tennis players who do they wanna be like, the answer is always the same, the great Roger Federer. Ronnie has been brining some much needed rock and roll to the game of snooker. In 1997 ( snooker fans correct me if my memory serves me wrong) Ronnie wrapped up the quickest 147 maximum break ever in 5 mins 27.  Some pro’s go through the game without ever notching up a maximum to do one in such a quick time is spellbounding. Tennis needs Roger, snooker needs Ronnie O Sullivan, but how long before there are new kids on the block?  Something tells me it wont be too long, with the form Roger is in I reckon the semi finals record could be on the line. For Ronnie who knows, he could get bored of the game before Barry begins his revolution. I for one am sure that they will both be sadly missed from the world’s sporting arenas.

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