Amazing Calf Stretch To Relieve Tight Calf Muscles

I love exercises that will help the entire body… I’m talking about exercises that when you do them you feel relief right away!! There aren’t that many exercises that make people feel that way, but today I am going to show you one of my ALL-TIME favorites.

As I mentioned last week our bodies are meant to move and when the calf muscles get tight it limits one’s ability to walk and run properly. All the time I study and watch people walk and notice that many everyday people don’t walk properly, which results in muscle imbalances and injuries.

Look no further than this amazing calf stretch! When the calf muscles are flexible and functioning properly your body will feel amazing! Check out what a recent client said about this exercise,

“After our session, as I was walking to my car in the parking lot, I truly felt as if I could hurdle cars to get there!”

This exercise just works and I know you will love it…

You’re Calf Muscles Need Some Lovin – Click Here!

By performing this exercise just a few times a week you’re walking and running will improve while most importantly preventing new injuries.

Go have some fun with this exercise. . .

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Wilson Launch Pro Staff 97S, Ultra XP & Element String


Wilson Sporting Goods Co., announced today the launch of three new high performance, next generation tennis products designed for today’s modern game.  The new products include the Pro Staff 97S, which was developed in collaboration with Wilson Advisory Staff Member Grigor Dimitrov, a line of extreme power rackets called ULTRA XP, and Element string. Wilson and Luxilon developed Element to achieve optimum power and comfort, while offering increased spin potential.

“At the heart of our Wilson Labs innovation program, is the modern tennis player.  We are hyper-focused on designing new product concepts that are built against player insights and give our athletes a performance edge,” said Hans-Martin Reh, General Manager, Racquet Sports. “We are a player’s brand. In that spirit, we want to create new ways to help every kind and type of player excel on the court and increase their enjoyment of the game.”


Wilson Labs, the innovation hub at Wilson, and recently re-signed Wilson Advisory Staff member Grigor Dimitrov, worked collaboratively for 24 months to develop a new Pro Staff racket to round out the highly popular Pro Staff franchise.  The result is the new Pro Staff 97S, which is a high performance racket designed for the competitive attacking-style, or “Attacker,” player, per the Wilson PlayerID system. The racket offers hallmark features of the Pro Staff franchise including pure, classic, and consistent feel. In addition, the Pro Staff 97S features the Company’s patented Spin Effect Technology. This technology allows players to produce significantly more spin without changing their swing.

The Pro Staff 97S will be available at specialty retailers and via on October 1, 2015.


The UTLRA XP line of rackets is the most powerful available to players today*. The franchise is comprised of four rackets, the ULTRA XP 100S, 100LS, 110S, and 125. All four rackets are loaded with technologies and constructed with a lightweight design that allow players to hit more powerful and explosive shots with more spin.

Wilson Labs designed the ULTRA XP for the All-Courter, or a player who hits from all corners of the court. The rackets in this franchise feature a fundamentally new, cutting-edge frame design that offers extreme power, while the Company’s patented Spin Effect Technology delivers maximum spin from anywhere on the court. The technology in this line is complimented by a super-premium design and luxury touches, including pearlized paint finishes.

To create this unique racket franchise, Wilson engineers, industrial designers and performance product developers scoured Company design archives for the most successful racket designs in its 100+ year history. The team then evolved and maximized their best wide-body frame geometries to construct the ULTRA XP into a racket that is modern and sleek, while also maximizing power potential and stiffness.

The ULTRA XP 100LS is lightweight and maneuverable, and built for All-Courter players at any level. And like the ULTRA XP 100S, this racket’s technological innovations and cutting-edge frame design, pack a powerful punch and provide versatility for players. The ULTRA XP 110S delivers maximum power and sweet spot size with an oversized head, while the Ultra XP 125 offers a larger hitting area with the ultimate sweet spot.

The ULTRA XP is the first All-Courter franchise to emerge from the Wilson PlayerID system this year. The UTLRA XP 100S, 100LS and 110S, will be available at specialty retailers on September 1, 2015. The Ultra XP 125 launches on December 1 and will be available in the US only.



In order to provide the most advanced string to today’s athletes, Wilson and Luxilon collaborated to create the new Element string. This string is an industry first as it achieves optimum power and comfort, while offering increased spin potential, making it ideal for competitive juniors and club level players.

Element features Luxilon’s patented Multi-Mono Technology.  This technology provides greater flex, which is not available in a traditional mono string, while offering spin (resiliency to propel the ball). This added level of flexibility also translates in to greater power.

Element is significantly softer than traditional monofilament polyester string. This places less stress on the muscles and tendons in the forearms, helping minimize play negatively affected by tennis elbow. With Element, players can now experience the added spin and power benefits of polyester strings in a softer string.

Element will be available in the following gauges: 17/1.25mm, 16/1.30.  The string will be available at retail stores starting Tuesday, September 1.


The Wilson PlayerID system allows tennis players to easily identify the appropriate Wilson performance racket model based on their individual style of play.

Through extensive player research, Wilson identified three core playing styles in relation to the modern tennis game:

o  Baseliner – the player who battles from the baseline with consistency and speed

o  Attacker – the player who attacks the ball early to dictate play inside the  baseline

o  All-Courter – a versatile player, who hits from all corners of the court

After identifying which playing style they belong to, athletes can quickly narrow their racket search by model type and weight. Every performance racket for Wilson will correspond with one of the three playing style segments, streamlining the racket selection process and ensuring a player’s equipment is best suited for his or her style of play.

US Open Preview 2015

The final grand slam of the year begins in New York this week as the players converge on Flushing Meadows for the US Open.  Each of the grand slam tennis tournaments have their own unique characteristics which make them entirely different. The US Open however is different. Its loud, its brash and the matches resonate with the buzz of New York City.

2015 has been a year of domination from Novak Djokovic. Having lifted his 5th Australian Open title in Melbourne, Djokovic went onto win almost everywhere but did miss out on the final piece in the grand slam jigsaw at the French Open. Despite losing to both his closest rivals Federer and Murray during the US Open series Djokovic heads into the Open as a massive favourite.  Djokovic is completely at home on the hard courts and despite having only lifted the trophy once in New York the safe money will be on the Serb.

The World Number 1s draw is not too bad, Joao Sousa first round with a tricky second rounder against big serving Pospisil. In the forth round Djokovic could face David Goffin in a repeat of their match in Cincy.  Nadal is a potential quarter final opponent but his form at the moment is questionable.

us open 2015 previewMarin Cilic and Kei Nishikori could meet in the forth round in a repeat of last years final. The winner  likely making the semi final. At the grand old age of 34 Roger Federer seems to be maturing and changing his game to continue at the top of the rankings. Few would predict against  the Swiss making a run to the business end of the second week but  in 5 sets against the great returners of the game Federer is vulnerable. If anyone can lift the title and in doing so his 18th Grand Slam title it is Roger Federer.

Andy Murray is showing his best form on the American hard courts and having played 3 tournaments since Wimbledon the Scot is in good form and should be well rested ahead of his assault on the US Open. Like Djokovic Murray has only lifted one US Open title but has been close a number of times.

partecipates during the 20th Annual Arthur Ashe Kids' Day at USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on August 29, 2015 in the Queens borough of New York City.
Fed, Nadal Cilic and Serena during the 20th Annual Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day at USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on August 29, 2015 in the Queens borough of New York City.

2015 will be a year that Rafael Nadal will wish to forget. Surprising losses against lesser ranked players like Dustin Brown, Feliciano Lopez and others have seen the Spaniards ranking fall to a low of 10 and has fallen out of the top contenders in the big events. If there is any consolation to be taken for Nadal fans, is that Federer had a poor 2013 by his own extremely high standards but came back in 2014 with a new vision and drive to succeed winning 4 tournaments.

Over the years the US Open has had its fair share of surprise winners. Who can forget Juan Martin del Potro in 2009 or even Marin Cilic last year. Explosive players like Stan Wawrinka,  Raonic, Nishikori, Kyrgios and even Dimitrov do have the games to win in New York but they all need to demonstrate good defensive capabilities to actually lift the title.

It would be great to see Federer lift the title, but I just cannot see the great man go all the way, he may have one big win like Wimbledon against Murray but in the next round against Murray he faltered. The physical weaknesses of Kei Nishikori could prevent him from winning 5 matches in a row.  Andy Murray can win this tournament, he can blunt the big hitters with his defensive play but must play aggressive to win.  As Djokovic has demonstrated over the years, he may look beaten battered and out of it but you can never discount Djokovic, his will to win these big title is just incredible.

Time Warner Cable Studios at US Open 2015

  • Time Warner Cable StudiosTime Warner Cable Studios is open to all US Open visitors. This space will feature:
×          Live feed wall—where guests can sit and watch up to 9 simultaneous live court feeds 
×          Educational swipe tablet to demonstrate TWC products and services
×          Umpire chair and free photo and video booth
×          Free charging stations 
·         Time Warner Cable is the Official Provider of Wi-Fi at the US Open Tennis Championships in NYC.  
  • Last year, we installed 235 Wi-Fi Access Points throughout Arthur Ashe Stadium and the common grounds throughout Billie Jean King National Tennis Stadium.
  • This year, the free TWC Wi-Fi presence has been expanded throughout the grounds with Wi-Fi service being deployed to Practice Courts, 17, 4, 5 and 6, in addition to Arthur Ashe Stadium, Billie Jean King National Tennis stadium, and all USTA common grounds

Time Warner Cable to Host US Open Fan Activities

Time Warner CableTime Warner Cable will treat fans to special Q&A sessions with their favorite tennis stars, including James Blake and Lindsay Davenport.  Fans headed to this year’s tournament are invited to visit the Time Warner Cable Studios, located in USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. James Blake kicks-off the series SEPTEMBER 1 at 11:00 a.m. in the TWC Studios.
Detailed Schedule
For a detailed schedule of TWC Tennis Legends Q&A Sessions, see below:
·         Tuesday, September 1 – James Blake @ 11AM
·         Wednesday, September 2 – Michael Chang @ 1PM
·         Thursday, September 3 – Mary Joe Fernandez @ 12:15PM
·         Friday, September 4 – Michael Chang @ 1PM / Lindsay Davenport @ 4PM
·         Saturday, September 5 – Jim Courier @ 1PM / Michael Chang @ 4PM
·         Sunday, September 6 – Michael Chang @ 4PM
·         Monday, September 7 – Jim Courier @ 1PM / Lindsay Davenport @ 4PM
·         Tuesday, September 8  – Mary Jo Fernandez @ 12:15PM
·         Wednesday, September 9  – James Blake @ 1PM
TWC is the official WiFi sponsor of the US Open and is offering this service to fans for FREE. And if all of the increased connectivity drains your battery, just visit TWC Studios to access one of the charging stations. TWC Studios also features a simulated control room feed of all televised match courts so visitors will not miss a moment of the on-court action. Guests will also enjoy the interactive umpire chair photo and video experience, including a ‘test your swing’ activation.

The Meaning of Serena Williams

Credit: The New York Times Magazine

That Sunday in Arthur Ashe Stadium at the women’s final, though the crowd generally seemed pro-Serena, the man seated next to me was cheering for the formidable tall blonde Victoria Azarenka. I asked him if he was American. ‘‘Yes,” he said.

‘‘We’re at the U.S. Open. Why are you cheering for the player from Belarus?’’ I asked.

Her next possible victory is at the U.S. Open, the major where she has been involved in the most drama — everything from outrageous line calls to probations and fines. Serena admitted to losing her cool in the face of some of what has gone down there. In 2011, for example, a chair umpire, Eva Asderaki, ruled against Serena for yelling ‘‘Come on’’ before a point was completed, and as Serena described it to me, she ‘‘clutched her pearls’’ and told Asderaki not to look at her. But she said in recent years she finally felt embraced by the crowd. ‘‘No more incidents?’’ I asked. Before she could answer, we both laughed, because of course it’s not wholly in her control. Then suddenly Serena stopped. ‘‘I don’t want any incidents there,’’ she said. ‘‘But I’m always going to be myself. If anything happens, I’m always going to be myself, true to myself.’’

I’m counting on it, I thought. Because just as important to me as her victories is her willingness to be an emotionally complete person while also being black. She wins, yes, but she also loses it. She jokes around, gets angry, is frustrated or joyous, and on and on. She is fearlessly on the side of Serena, in a culture that that has responded to living while black with death.sere

This July, the London School of Marketing (L.S.M.) released its list of the most marketable sports stars, which included only two women in its Top 20: Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams. They were ranked 12th and 20th. Despite decisively trailing Serena on the tennis court (Serena leads in their head-to-head matchups 18-2, and has 21 majors and 247 weeks at No. 1 to Sharapova’s five majors and 21 weeks at number 1), Sharapova has a financial advantage off the court. This month Forbes listed her as the highest-paid female athlete, worth more than $29 million to Serena’s $24 million.

Challenge Team New Balance on the Mini Courts at Paragon Sports

new balance

Join New Balance, Milos Raonic and Heather Watson for a Mini Tennis Tournament Party to celebrate the 2015 US Open at Paragon Sports on Friday, August 28th!

Win a chance to challenge Team NB by playing King/Queen of the court in 5 min rounds and the winner plays the pro athletes! You can also get free ice cream by taking some cool shots in an animated photo booth.

#9 Ranked ATP Star Milos Raonic will be stopping by to greet fans between 3:30 – 6pm and WTA Star Heather Watson between 6:30-8pm.

Who: New Balance Tennis Stars Milos Raonic & Heather Watson

What: Challenge Team NB on the Mini Cou

Where: Paragon Sports (867 Broadway, NY, NY)

When: 3:30PM-6PM & 6:30-8PM



Sharapova US Open Dress 2015


Maria Sharapova outfit 2015 US OpenDress like the tennis pro Maria Sharapova in the chic Nike Maria Tennis Dress. It features premium breathability features with the racerback strap and a perforated back panel and chest details design, while the Dri-FIT technology helps to wick away sweat and provide moisture management. Bonding seaming offers zero distractions. Flouncy bottom hem provides a stylish edge. Swoosh design trademark at upper left chest.


Perform at your highest level in the NIKE Women’s Premier Maria Tennis Tank. Get notable Sharapova style with high-quality, lightweight Dri-FIT knit fabric. Perforated back panel increases ventilation while comfortable ultra-thin straps provide support and range of motion. Bonded seaming offers a zero-distraction experience that is soft against your skin. Built-in bra not included so you are free to choose what to wear underneath. Swoosh trademark design at upper left chest.


Sport the fun and flirty Nike Women’s Premier 11.8 Inch Maria Tennis Skort! Features include a built-in short for ball stroage, supportive fit and coverage. The bonded seams allow for no distractions while the pleated design gives a stylish spin. Full pleat in the back. Dress like Maria in this Dri-FIT skort today! Swoosh design trademark at left knee










2015 Exclusive Wimbledon Tennis Bag: A Winner Among Champions

Celebrity tennis player champions worldwide are carrying the multi-purpose Cortiglia Exclusive Wimbledon tennis bag.

Wimbledon Tennis BagThe Italian-made Wimbledon tennis bag was created exclusively for Wimbledon 2015. With a special release to Wimbledon competitors, the black tote with official Wimbledon purple trim and stamped Wimbledon logo debuted in London during the championship tournament. Featuring sturdy construction and elegant details, the Wimbledon bag has enough space for two tennis racquets, balls, and other court necessities with sides that maintain their elegant profile even when the bag is contains racquets. Exterior pockets create an easily accessible slot for a cell phone and/or keys. The bag was designed by Jill LaCorte, founder and CEO of Cortiglia.

The Wimbledon bag is designed for a savvy players who require that it be functional and demand that it be stylish. “Coming back from Wimbledon, I have been using the bag for traveling as well as the court. I have been approached numerous times by people offering compliments and asking, ’Where did you get that bag?’ said LaCorte. “I am truly flattered when players like France’s Marion Bartoli, 2013 Wimbledon Championship Ladies Singles Winner, purchase a Wimbledon bag and when fashion rebels like Bethanie Mattek-Sands are style-spotted carrying Cortiglia bags.”

The Wimbledon bag is manufactured exclusively by Cortiglia and available in limited quantities while supplies last through fine retail stores worldwide and online at for $450.00 USD.




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